(Blouse: American Apparel, Skirt: Primark)

I recently bought this gorgeous velvet skirt from Primark! Being the divine deep red that's been splashed across autumn colour palets, it seemed only appropriate (plus the material is light yet really festive- if festive can describe a fabric)...

Also, I said I'd post on the new 'perfect' lipstick I finally found! I've been looking for a dark red (not quite maroon) for ages, and have only managed to fill my make up bag with various plum colours, cherry reds and browns:

Then last week I found a colour called 'Dubonnet' in M.A.C and it is perfect! Nott oo dark or light and lasts really well! I was so pleased as I don't usually look outside of Boots and paying that extra can really benefit sometimes!


burgundy, maroon and blood red

Thank you so much to all my new followers! It's so lovely that people actually read this, and hopefully enjoy what I have to say :)

I know my posts haven't been very regular, but after I've finished this English coursework- which should be tomorrow, then I've got some posts lined up, so bear with me!

Thank you!

Liv xx

just to say...

After reading a gorgeous article on one of Miss Selfridge's new 'going out' dresses from Disney Roller Girl, I decided to investigate the new attire myself. It's clear to say that the prices of the garments are a little over the usual price range, but the quality and detail in the dresses appears to be definitely worth every penny! The range of colours and luxurious fabrics also make for some special one off pieces, that I'm sure any girl would be happy to get her mitts on!

Below are some of my favourites from the collection:

And here are some of my overall favourites from their A/W 2010 bits, that are currently in stock on the Miss Selfridge website, and in stores:


Miss Selfridge Autumn Going Out Dresses

Yesterday I went to see Never Mind The Buzzcocks get filmed (which was amazing, we even met Noel!!!) and this is what I wore, pardon the miserable face! I've also managed to find the perfect lipstick- which I'd been on a hunt for for ages, so I'll post about that soon!

(Shirt: Zara, Jumper: Mums, Shorts: Vintage (Topshop), Belt: Mums)

I've also made some lovely autumn purchases in the last week- especially as it's starting to get VERY chilly (although I do need to invest in a snood or scarf!)

(Camel pleat skirt: Topshop, Boots: F&F at Tesco!)


oh the warmth in your eyes, swept me into your arms

Last Thursday, me and my two best friends paid a visit to Holly and Fearne's book singing of 'The Best Friend's Guide To Life'. After queing for about half an hour (not as long as I'd expected) we were lucky enough to meet the ladies themselves, who, were the LOVLIEST people. I know it's easy to say that, but they were exactly like they are on t.v! Both girls looked gorgeous with Fearne sporting a divine chiffon blouse and bow plus her usual fabulous rings, with Holly in a chic black dress.

Anyway, the book itself is a delight. I haven't read it all yet, but it's so light hearted and warm, that I know I'm going to enjoy it. It's filled with gorgeous (and funny) snaps of the girls as long as some of their advice and stories of their journies, as well as some of Fearne's AMAZING art work- I'd definitely recommend, (plus it was on offer last week so get it while you can!)

Afterwards, we also had quite abit of fun on the Apple Mac's- old habits die hard...


The Best Friend's Guide To Life

(Top= Ashish for Topshop, Jeans - Topshop) Sorry about the quality- I edited it on paint!

Today I bought this gorgeous chiffony shirt from Topshop. I've been trying to pick up a few bits for school, as being in Sixth form seems to be pretty demanding wardrobe wise!

I've also recently bought this shirt from Topshop! (Sorry about its crumpledness!) It was a cheeky £15 and it's so versatile- wether you're styling it buttoned up with a bow or unbuttoned with a blazer and heels, it's simply divine!

Although this is just a quick post, I've also got upcoming posts on my current A/W playlist and musical style icons- and how to recreate their looks!


when i'm with you i have fun

This week, Wednesday was the day I purchased my (pricey) yet weekly/monthly installment of my favourite magazines- Elle, Company and the NME.

They've all got their fair share of interesting articles, beautiful pictures, clothes and some amazing bands to watch out for. However, in particular I love Jameela's monthly article she writes for Company. She writes about everything and anything, and this month it really grabbed me- because (without sounding lame) I could really relate to it.

The article was about how she doesn't drink and how it seems that almost 'nobody can accept it'. I know it's petty, but it's how I've felt for ages. I've never been a drinker, and whenever I've told someone that, it can regularly be treated as an abnormality. In the last two years I've felt incredibly embarassed and childish about this, although I shouldn't be- becasue everyone has different tastes in everything right? Almost all of my friends drink, and I have no problem whatsoever with it, becasue frankly I've never known otherwise. But somehow I nearly always feel the need to make up petty excuses as to why I'm not drinking that night. In the article Jameela says how 'I don't eat fish, either, yet noone's ever tried to ram a mackarel down my throat', which I can understand- it is pretty surprising how often people say how 'they're going to get you so drunk'. It is kind of wierd that not drinking is regarded as more of a problem then getting drunk, and after reading this I realise it really shouldn't be.

So, if you do buy one thing this week buy Company (okay, and maybe Elle, Alexa does look pretty fiiiiine), not simply for the gorgeous clothes, interesting features (or the amazing BNTM girls with George Lamb) but for Jameela. Not only is she the face of T4, but she also made me realise I'm not doing anything wrong, nor have I ever been.


I've seen souls in spirit golden

Okay, so you've listened to Hurts, you've heard of Frankie and The Heartstrings and you've bought Delphics debut. So what's next I hear you cry? Not ANOTHER new band?

Not quite.

Dutch Uncles, are pretty fresh out of Manchester, already having released an album in Germany with an upcoming UK debut album just around the corner, not to mention currently being busy on the road with Everything Everything- I was lucky enough to have a quick catch up with them, from the comfort of their tourbus...

So, how did it all begin for Dutch Uncles?
Dutch Uncles coming together was strange. Andy, Robin and Pete have been friends since Primary School, and met Sped late in high school and originally formed a band with a different singer. That all came to an end as high school finished, and then we met Duncan at College/Cure gig. We invited him to a rehearsal, and got too drunk to remember doing so. Upon arrival we were surprised/very happy to hear him sing a few covers (to test the waters). Within a month of being together we had put together and recorded our first 3 track ep - and that's how it all began!

Are there any interesting stories behind the name 'Dutch Uncles'?
I'd like to say there was an incredible story behind the name but unfortunately there's nothing too exciting. We're actually named after a play by Simon Gray called Dutch Uncle.

Duncan also competed against our original band in the last year of high school at a talent show. We came third, he didn't place. Ha, but he was drumming and his band was called 'Dutch Uncle' so the names always been in the back of our heads. We added an S to the end and away we went.

Your debut UK album is due out next year, how different is it going to be compared to your first?
With the first album it was literally a case of getting signed and were thrown a date where we would fly to Germany and record the album. So literally the 10 songs we thought were the best at the time went on there.

Since that came out late 2008/early 2009 we have been writing and writing and writing, putting together a more mature sounding album song by song. We have spent so much longer in the studio working with producers and throwing ideas around all the time. Each song has it's own A3 sheet on the wall and things get written on and marked off continuously. We started demoing the album ourselves with the intent to shop it around afterwards and Memphis Industries came in half way and took us on which was nice.

Sound wise you can expect more piano, violin, mallet instruments, rhodes, maybe even a piccolo. Bigger chorus', chunkier verses and alot more dynamics. Oh and links between songs. One thing we really want to do, join songs together and have nice non silenced transitions.

You've toured with the likes of The Futureheads, Bombay Bicycle Club, Everything Everything- who have been your favourite/least favourite to tour with?
To be honest we couldn't possibly answer that question. Every band we have toured with has been amazing. Yes, some have been better in places than others. Each band has given us the opportunity to play our music in front of large crowds of people with a certain taste in music, that should stem to them liking us.

What other bands are you all into at the moment? Is there anyone we should be listening out for?
Friends of ours Egyptian Hip Hop and Deaf to Van Goghs EarFavourites of ours. Both really good fucking bands and thrive on being different.

The bands current taste in music varies. 2 of us are listening to lots of hip hop and the rest share an even mix of minimalism and alternative indie and maths prog pop etc. King Crimson to Talking Heads to Jethro Tull to XTC.

Anything else we should know about Dutch Uncles?
We have invented a game called Schloggle Ball and play it on tour non stop. We are currently constructing a rule book and intend to manufacture a Dutch Uncles Ball and Goal and sell them at gigs.

Fragrant by Dutch Uncles

Fragrant is out on Memphis records on 1st November!


5 minutes with: Dutch Uncles

It's getting to that time of the year, when my hair is due for a nice big trim and hopefully (when I can afford it) get it dyed! The thing is, I'm in two minds about what to do to it (don't worry this isn't a post regarding my hair dilemmas!). So, i'm naturally incredibly dark, but for about a year have been getting it dyed a bronze chestnutty colour because it compliments my skin tone, eyes- what have you. Thing is, there seems to be a new styling trend sweeping our barnets- a little thing called 'dip dying' (basically light ends and really dark roots- which is what my hair is approaching).

If you read magazines, or spend ages aimlessly searching the internet- you'll get what I mean. Alexa's been doing it for ages (of course she has I hear you cry), and now Drew Barrymore, Rachel Bilson and co have also started 'repping' the look. So what do to do? Dye your hair back to a rich all over colour or instead go lighter and leave the roots? The latter seems the most 'fashion forward' option, but even so- reheads were a fashion statement a Mulberry for SS11. Hmm, what do you think?


to dip or to dye?



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