How To Jazz Up Your Uni Room

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Back to school!

Although my time at university was short and sweet, if there's one thing that I learnt made a huge difference in me settling in, it was making sure my room was feeling cosy, home-like and looked after. Obviously I didn't have a huge budget (there's only so much Student Loan than can be spent on home furnishings when a gal gotta eat), but I certainly learnt a few things along the way. Fast forward a few years, and this girl not only has a little knowledge but also a Pinterest account and some new ideas- so I thought I'd put together a little post for any freshers looking to liven up their 'digs too!

Take to tape!

Oh my god- if only I'd discovered washi tape when I had been at uni. I'm pretty sure I would have covered everything! Not only is it great for snazzing up stationary, but it makes for the ultimate DIY-frame fix, with no nails or fuss required (plus it peels off super easily too)! Pick up a mini rainbow selection if you can (I got mine here and here) for fun kudos too. On top of that, I also recommend picking up some postcards and cute greetings cards for some cute wall art- it's far cheaper than most things and shops like Paperchase have some amazing picks!

Prints by: Rifle Paper Co | I Like Cats | Cardboardcities | Oh Gosh Cindy

Print your 'grams!

I am so bad at remembering to print off my photographs, and it was only recently that I realised how easy (and quick) it was to do it online! As well as being a great way to help with any homesickness, these little Instagram polaroid prints make for amazing decorations too. I popped up a line of string, picked up some mini pegs and strung it across the room- which was a super cute way of displaying them too. I used this site, but there are tonnes of others that offer amazing services too!

Get organsised!

Having a memo board is the perfect way of reminding yourself about things you have to look forward to (as well as deadlines, duh), and this one from Urban Outfitters is perfect as a) it's wipe clean (making you feel like a legit school teacher) and b) magnetic, so you can pop up train tickets and other forget-me-not things you always need to remember too.

Call me twinkle toes!

I know not everyone is allowed these in their rooms at uni, so didn't want to chat too much about these little twinkly bad boys, but thought I'd pop a few of my favourites below for some inspiration- as regardless as they are one of my favourite ways of cosying up a bedroom!

Have you got any top tips for feeling at home at your student pad? Answers below!


Nautical but Nice

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

(Hat: River Island (similar here), Top: C/O Glamorous, Culottes: Topshop, Shoes: ASOS)

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to get away with posting midriff baring outfits with shoes that parade open toes ('What a maverick!' I hear you cry), but even if it only supplies inspiration for those on the other side of the globe, I'm going to run with this relative Indian Summer, while we still have it- just try and stop me ; ). Anyway- upon visiting family at the seaside a Sunday or two ago, I couldn't resist stopping by for some nautical inspired snaps- and embracing the kitsch chippies dotted around Hastings Town centre.

I don't keep much of a secret about my love of the British seaside, but any excuse to take out a straw sunhat, indulge in a Sunday pub lunch (I have a new recommendation for anyone interested?) and catch up with family by the sea- gets a thumbs up in my books. I've yet to discover all of the treats Hastings has to offer, but if anyone has any recommendations for future visits, I'd love to know them! Now to work out how to style sandals in Autumn ; )...


LFW in Soho...

Monday, 5 October 2015

(Trench coat: Here, Jumper: Here, Skirt: Here, Boots: Similar Here, Jumper (shown below): Similar Here, Culottes: Here)

Photos by Joe Galvin

London fashion week always flies by in a haze of blurry show schedules, outfits planned to military precision, street style photographs, familiar faces and a who's who on every front row. This season saw the cities fashion week decent unto Brewer Street on Soho, which up until this September was merely my sanctuary for Italian food (arguably some of the best in London) and little else (I can't lie, I'm a little sad the secrets out). But with fashion week brings huddles of busy people, and whilst this year didn't bring the struggle of trying to balance heels on a cobbled floor, things flurry by so fast that if you're not careful you might blink and you'll miss it. But saying that, one place that always offers a sanctuary in the madness of hashtag-LFW is The Apartment- a den built for bloggers (and the brainchild of the incredible Abi), packed with brands, beauty and plenty of recharging (both mental and literal) during the week. This year The Apartment was in partnership with ShopStyle and River Island were on hand to make sure I was wardrobe ready too...

Picking out from their latest collection, River Island are very much on top form when it comes to producing some seriously covetable trend led pieces (at bloody good prices too, may I add). With everything from moc-croc and leopard ankle boots (tres Chung), more denim variations then you could find at even the most impressive vintage store, and endless faux fur, suede and print- I was certainly spoilt for choice, and putting together was made pretty easy. Opting for the ultimate Veronica Corningstone tribute look, I headed swiftly out onto a rainy Soho to soak up the last of fashion week- until next season!

and here's what I wore...

Post in collaboration with River Island and ShopStyle but all love of good clothes, great websites and London in the rain- my own


London Loves #5

Sunday, 4 October 2015


Whether you're looking for the perfect remedy for a rainy day in the capital (and a way to satisfy your inner child- think icing delicious biscuits until your hearts content), or just somewhere to pick up something special for someone you love (I've bought thank you gifts a- plenty here)- Biscuiteers should be your first stop for any budget. From their icing workshops, afternoon tea and huge selection of perfectly decorated sweet treats (three words: attention to detail)- this London born biscuit cafe really is somewhere special- and with one in Clapham and Notting Hill, you're never too far from some biscuity goodness (plus they also do macarons and gluten free goodies too)!

13 Northcote Rd & 194 Kensington Park Rd, London

Matilda The Musical:

I'm not sure there are enough words to express how much I absolutely this musical- and just wish I hadn't left it so long to see it. With music by comedy genius Tim Michin and starring possibly the most talented group of children I've ever seen, not only is Matilda intensely heartwarming (with bloody catchy songs) but it pays an incredible tribute to my favourite childhood book (and film too). I won't give too much away (although it's SO tempting), but expect big cameos from a certain mammoth chocolate cake, a hilarious Ms Trunchbull and a naughty newt too. I laughed, cried, streamed the soundtrack a socially unacceptable amount of times and then went home and recommended everyone I know come again with me- so if there are any willing volunteers, let me know ; )

Cambridge Theatre, Earlham St, London WC2H 9HU


Pink & Burgundy

Saturday, 3 October 2015

(Jacket: here, Shirt: here, Skirt: here, Bag: here, Shoes: here, Lipstick: here)
Photos by Joe Galvin

London Fashion Week is a funny one for me, for a long time I've not really seen it as my place to be at the shows- and constantly find myself in a 'would people even read my show posts' flunk when the time rolls around. I watch Instagram and Twitter updates as if they were part of a film, or something I'm looking in on from the outside. It all looks exciting, glamorous (albeit a lot of hard work) and a lot of fun- and it does make me wonder (in the most Carrie Bradshaw of ways), whether I should give fashion week a proper chance. I remember my first season I did with cosmopolitan Magazine and it literally feeling like the most exciting week of my life- I'd never felt so honoured to be in a room amongst so many creative and talented people- and getting to see the shows was something I'd never had imagined. Since then I've mainly stuck to my trusty (and favourite) Orla Kiely presentation (which is always stunning)- but would love to know whether anyone would read a full week of LFW coverage here? Be it shows, street style and personal style- answers on a postcard please!

Anyway- less of my fashion rambles! For the Saturday of fashion week, Joe and I popped into town, and I couldn't help but pop on my favourite Autumn look from Reiss. There's something I love about the combination of summer pastels meeting autumnal berry hues, and the contrast of baby soft faux fur and wintery leather was something that certainly made me feel ready for the new season. Pair that with the daintiest little box bag and courts- and I almost felt ready to brave the cobbles carpark...

All photographs on this blog were taken by me (unless otherwise stated), please don't pinch them without asking and crediting to my blog