Petersham Nurseries

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Petersham Nurseries What Olivia Did Petersham Nurseries What Olivia Did Petersham Nurseries What Olivia Did Petersham Nurseries What Olivia Did Petersham Nurseries What Olivia Did Petersham Nurseries What Olivia Did
(Cardigan: Reformation, Top: The Deep End Club: Bag: C/O J Crew)

Living in London, it's inappropriately rare that I ever venture out of my little central bubble when I'm in town. I'm rarely any more West than Shepherds Bush, more south than Tooting, more East than Shoreditch and more North than Kentish Town (and I wonder why people don't come to visit me in Zone 6...) I know it's a bad habit, and I have a list as long as my arm of places across the city I'm desperate to visit- but the temptation to revisit old favourites often gets the better of me, leaving me frightfully under travelled for a city with so many transport connections (huzzah- the most dull thing I have ever said)!

So, on Valentines day, before we spent the evening cooking spaghetti with too much red wine and singing Barry White until the early hours (joking about the latter), Joe and I headed West to Richmond for a spot of exploring and a little lunch. We'd never visited together, and although we ended up on a train with hundreds of excited rugby fans (forever well timed)- were pretty excited about seeing a new part of London, and visiting a spot I'd had on my 'to visit' list for a while, Petersham Nurseries.

Although the weather wasn't the best for trudging uphill across the park (now I just need to wait until mud splattered jeans come into fashion), we managed to cosy up in one of the Petersham greenhouses for a healthy lunch (it's part of the tearoom cafe, not just a random greenhouse) and potter about (pun intended) across the centre, before admiring the most beautiful town houses (and dreaming up absurd 'one day...' scenarios), picking up desert supplies and beating the rush home- I'll definitely be back Richmond!
Petersham Nurseries What Olivia Did Petersham Nurseries What Olivia Did Petersham Nurseries What Olivia Did Petersham Nurseries What Olivia Did Petersham Nurseries What Olivia Did


Paris with Claire's

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Paris Paris Claire's Accessories Paris Paris Claire's Accessories Paris Claire's Accessories
Some of my earliest memories being a magnetic earring, elastic chocker and pink hairspray loving eight year old link back to Claire's Accessories. Before Claire's, I'd been known to drag people into Girl Heaven (where, of course, I had one of my early birthday parties- deely boppers and all) but as soon as I hit ten, it was time for the real deal. Although I was never brave enough to have my ears pierced at Claire's like all the other girls at school, the feeling of filling up those little purple elastic baskets was one I'd never tire of...

Fast forward a few years and I'm still a fan! When I headed across the Chanel with the team last week, both my inner pre-teen and twenty one year old self were pretty jubilant. With Katy Perry teaming up with the brand to create some of the cutest, most kitsch accessories ever (think popcorn, macaron and hot dog phone cases and burger shades)- we headed over to their two-day Parisien pop up, to meet the team, head to the stores and probably eat more pastries and French bread than may ever be socially acceptable...

Paris Paris Claire's Accessories Paris Paris Claire's Accessories Paris
Now, I know that there's a chance the last time you popped to Claire's was for a belly button ring (fake, duh), some gingham scrunches or even a boho style circle belt to parade around on your hipster jeans (secretly I'll always count Shakira as a style icon)- but let me promise you, there's more than just pre-teen goodness behind those doors. Picking up delicate gold pieces (which has even converted non-jewellery wearing me to bangles), nineties hoops and some of the cutest Grecian style festival headwear I've seen, I hit the home bound Eurostar with a new found love for a childhood favourite and a bloomin' lot of Katy Perry songs in my head. Never a bad thing though!


The Chung-darees...

Friday, 27 February 2015

AC x AG Dungarees Dahlia Blouse What Olivia Did AC x AG Dungarees Dahlia Blouse What Olivia Did Notting Hill London AC x AG Dungarees Dahlia Blouse What Olivia Did AC x AG Dungarees Dahlia Blouse What Olivia Did Vintage Car London
(Hat: ASOS, Blouse: C/O Dahlia, Bag: Dahlia, Dungarees: AC for AG C/O Trilogy, Shoes: Zara (similar here)

If there's one thing I've learnt this week (as well as learning to drive around corners and that #NutellaDay is a thing, and not a beautiful fragment of my imagination), it's A) that cropped dungarees are hard to style in winter and B) When you love an item of clothing so much you must wear it, just put tights underneath (ssh)! These AC for AG dungarees arrived to me last week, and I honestly don't think I've tried anything on as quickly (I'm pretty sure if the postman had knocked twice he'd have had to double take). Although my legs are, ahem, slightly different to those of Ms Chungs (*sob*)- the fact I can still wear these bad boys with flats is something in itself, and although I know they'll look far more fun with sandals, Converse and heels come Summer (ain't nobody got time for cold ankles)- popping on some nude tights and attempting to channel my inner Pandora Sykes, didn't pay off too badly on this occasion.

On top of that- let's just take a minute to appreciate all things Dahlia at the moment. It's no secret that novelty clutches are my jam (I FINALLY managed to use that phrase- POW), and if you count the gingerbread, donut and jukebox I have sitting in my room, you'll know this giant cassette had me at hello (but without the tangled tape drama) and fits most of my worldly goods inside- huzzah! That's not forgetting the pleat blouse of dreams, which although I'm sure you all agree is a bit 19th Century poet, is something pretty special, and one that'll be seeing me through 2015...

AC x AG Dungarees Dahlia Blouse What Olivia Did AC x AG Dungarees Dahlia Blouse What Olivia Did AC x AG Dungarees Dahlia Blouse What Olivia Did Notting Hill London AC x AG Dungarees Dahlia Blouse What Olivia Did


At The Seafront

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Antipodium Leopard Skirt What Olivia Did Antipodium Leopard Skirt What Olivia Did Antipodium Leopard Skirt What Olivia Did Antipodium Leopard Skirt What Olivia Did Brighton Antipodium Leopard Skirt What Olivia Did
(Coat: Free People, Jumper: Topshop, Skirt: Antipodium (similar here), Boots: Zara, Bag: Mulberry)

One of my favourite things about winter, are the days when it begins to welcome in peeps of Spring (so, you mean the end of it, Liv?) When the white, violet and yellow buds start popping out from the frosty grass, the sun begins to warm your back through your endless winter layers and the birds start chirping again at unholy hours (which will never be a problem if the sky is blue outside). A couple of weeks ago, we woke up to what felt like one of the first proper days of sunshine in forever, the sun beaming through my window- and not a cloud in the sky. With a trip to the seaside planned, we felt like we couldn't have timed it better- and set off before you could say 'overcast'. Pulling into Brighton felt like summer had come early, with people in shops even saying 'its the first time it's not been grey in weeks!' Making us feel incredibly lucky indeed.

Wearing a couple of old favourites, I pulled out this leopard skirt from my wardrobe, pairing it with an investment Topshop sale purchase and the boots I stil have on my feet- with the need for a coat necessary, but not essential for these snaps (yup, it was THAT) mild. We spent the rest of the afternoon mulling about the Lanes, catching up with friends for dinner, visiting the cinema (we saw Kingsmen and I pretty much stayed awake for the whole film which is saying something) before curling up in front of the BAFTAs (with me trying to contain myself every time Eddie Redmayne came on) and then catching some Z's- hoping to see the sunshine again soon!

Antipodium Leopard Skirt What Olivia Did Antipodium Leopard Skirt What Olivia Did Antipodium Leopard Skirt What Olivia Did


3 Recent Foodie Loves!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hen Brighton Hen Brighton The new opening!

Okay, so it's not that new (in the world of food I'm sure that having been opening nearly two months warrants it as a fully fledged restaurant toddler) but boy was I excited to try Hen in Brighton last weekend. After being introduced by the lovely Laura, we made sure to book a table for our dinner date with Suzie and Josh- and could have easily eaten our way through everything on the menu. With brunch options including gluten free waffles and homemade broth (perfect for this weather), homemade cakes- and the dinner menu offering both chicken and veggie burgers as well as quarter, half or wing options- you're seriously spoilt for choice. With all food locally sourced, it's as healthy as a naughty meal can get- with a range of nutritious salads to accompany your meal too- I'll take it all!

Visit Hen: 87-88 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, BN14ER

Marley Spoon Marley Spoon Home cooking- to your door?

If there was ever a way to try new dishes, play with new ingredients and get a tasty meal at the end as reward for your (not so) hard work- it's with Marley Spoon. The service provides a weekly menu of fresh, tasty ingredients (including herbs, meat and veg) that you can chose from- to have delivered to your door on your chosen date ready to cook for dinner. Each box costs about £9+, but the satisfaction of learning how to use new ingredients, create a new dish and please (and impress) a guest is all but worth it!

Shop Marley Spoon:

Food at 52
Try a cooking class!

After receiving for my birthday the chance to attend a Food at 52 Italian cooking class, I was pretty. damn. excited. Having waited since June to try the class, it finally rolled around this January and I couldn't have loved it more. Cooking 5 courses from scratch (and eating them all) is one of the most satisfying ways to spend an afternoon, and I learnt everything from how to make pasta, pesto, ice cream, biscuits, risotto and a perfect chicken dinner- which left me feeling incredibly inspired, full and desperate to try another class! A must visit for any budding cooks in London looking to expand their kitchen skills!

Visit Food at 52: 96 Central Street, London EC1V 8AJ


The Bloggers Market - The Event!

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Bloggers Market The Bloggers Market The Bloggers Market
So, as you may have heard on social media- a couple of weeks ago some of my best pals Carrie, Lucy, Dunya, Kristabel and I put on a little somethin' somethin' called The Bloggers Market- which you can read all about here. As with anything, the first event we held was always going to be a little unpredictable ('Will ANYONE show up?!' 'We still have to think about tags!'), and it's safe to say we were all a little nervous despite the solid planning and emails we'd spent in the lead up working everything out...
The Bloggers Market Liv and Joe The Bloggers Market The Bloggers Market Hair by Joel
Despite the morning bringing a few 'Apprentice style' tasks to work out before opening, we honestly could not have asked for a more special day. With Joe and I meeting everyone at The Foundry at 9 am (cases, cakes and nervous tummy all present) the next few hours went by in a complete haze of smiling, chatting, lots of eating and a few silly photos too (with some of the more beautiful snaps in the post taken by the lovely Amber. With the amazing help of the venue, parents, friends, boyfriends, the amazing girls at the Lena Rose Bakery supplying cuptails (these are a thing and they are amazing), amazing beauty samples from Lord & Berry and a certain Joel creating the most beautiful halo braids in all of North London- everywhere filled up quicker than we could have ever expected, and I can't believe how humbling and special it was to meet so many amazing readers and finally put some faces to online names!

The Bloggers Market Papa P The Bloggers Market Although we know not everyone could make the day, we're definitely already putting our heads together to think of more Bloggers Market (TM anyone?) events to put on through the rest of the year including some more bakes, craftiness and maybe something North in the UK (no promises yet though)- due to so much interest (we can't believe it either)! Thank you so much to everyone who did come down though, we really appreciate everyone who made the day what it was- and can't wait to hopefully see you all again soon! The lovely Kbel has also put together a little mailing list to keep up with anything, so you can sign up here too!

Also, the amazing Si and Thomas also put together a short video of the day, which is incredible- so if you want a little sneak peak in to how the day went, then I seriously recommend giving it a watch too!

All photographs on this blog were taken by me (unless otherwise stated), please don't pinch them without asking and crediting to my blog