(Jacket: C/O Miss Selfridge (similar here & here), Top: Mutha.Hood, Jeans: Old ASOS (but similar here and here), Shoes: Castaner, Bag: COS (similar here, here and here)

On the cusp on Autumn and days before a certain pumpkin spiced latte makes its return, I'm solidly attempting to embrace days where ankle bearing is appropriate and t shirts are not reduced to simply a layer under a thick knit or shearling coat. In a way, it's these days that I love the most about the end of one season and the start of another. The new beginnings reminiscent of January and the new stationary, new books approach I have to my wardrobe and seeing everything with fresh eyes as the temperatures begin to plummet (a little drastic, perhaps- but let's roll with it for theatrical effect).

It's pieces like this blazer (and this one, for that matter) that have started implementing themselves into my wardrobe- somewhere in between shoulder baring and coat wearing they come in extremely handy and act as far more than a costume for an eighties yuppie businesswoman (or awkward sixth former) than they perhaps once did. Maybe it's the Prince of Wales check or the Annie Hall herringbone that make these a little more timeless than other options, but knowing I'm far more than a walkie talkie phone away from looking like the mum from Home Alone means these are definitely a piece I know I'll have in my wardrobe long into the winter- just leave the shoulder pads in the loft.

Ever since moving into our pad a couple of months ago I've been quick to replace ASOS New in sprees with that of a cheeky home ware shop. I've spent evenings asking Twitter for under the radar interiors brands and paired with long scrolls over on Erica's Instagram and endlessly tapping away on Pinterest- dresses, jeans and slogan tees have rapidly been replaced by vases, cushions and throws- but you know what? I really don't mind at all...

So, today I thought I'd introduce you to the one stop (or, ahem, shop) wonder that I've been visiting endlessly since moving in. Having discovered Trouva in its infancy a couple of years ago, it was only when my sofas and shelves were bare (and I had an emergency birthday coming up) that I really started utilising it for all it's goodness. And in case you haven't heard of it before? Let me fill you in...

As you may already know- I'm a huge fan of supporting independent businesses. There's nothing more I love than a rummage along a new high street, or wandering along an alley in a new city to discover a one-of-a-kind concept store. But, when I can't quite get out of the house Trouva is definitely the next best thing. Curating a selection of independent boutiques and bringing them online, it means 'lucky find' and it truly is. With the shop owners being 'skilled curators who dedicate their lives to running bricks and mortar shops'- Trouva are driven by 'creating technology that empowers retailers and allows them to compete on a global scale'- pretty bloody cool if you ask me.

Anyway! To introduce you to some of my favourite boutiques on there I thought I'd snap some of my favourite pieces by retailers on the site that I've recently added to my home- in case you were after some ideas for your space too...

The Living Room:
With this space being the one that needed the most additions to tie it together, I was pretty keen to invest in statement vases, special cushions and interesting accessories to really marry all of our colours and styles together. With the pink geometric vase being one of the first things I picked up, it makes for the perfect statement piece and works in so many different corners of the home too. I also picked up the big cactus vase from Wyld Home to match my mini- and although I'm not sure it'll be the perfect flower storage solution- it makes for a conversation starter and is something I've wanted for a long time (after seeing my friends Charlotte and Gemma with it too- they have great taste).

Another favourite piece in this room comes from this gorgeous cushion from Day Birger & Mikkelsen Home at What Sarah Did. Next to the other cream undertones on the sofa this is the perfect addition- and hey, if it ain't a slogan t-shirt a cushion has to be the next best thing! We also added in this gorgeous concrete clock from Aida and magazine side table from Ross & Brown (a.k.a one of the coolest additions ever). Not only does it make for extra storage if like us you're a little tight for the stuff- but it's also got a real sixties design nod and makes for a perfect staple piece in our lounge.

The Bathroom:
One of the first things I picked up for the bathroom (after the caddy) when we moved in was this wire grid shelf for the wall. We're a little lacking in storage in general, so finding homes for essentials (read skincare and books) seems to have become a bit of a priority and this was the perfect bet. On top of that, this scalloped cloud shaped toilet roll shelf was also a very welcome addition- and although arguably a little niche has actually made for a really unique way of storing something completely necessary but definitely space consuming (#loorollchats).

The Office:
Finally- our latest addition comes in the shape of this white mesh memo board from Berylune for the office. Having spent a while searching for one to hang above my desk (and store everything from invitations, postcards and general inspiration) this was a very welcomed addition. It's amazing how difficult certain things can be to dish out online, but have managed to find the majority on this wonderful little online hub, so seriously recommend a visit.

P.S Let me know if you'd like to see any other posts like this too, sharing is caring and I'm always after new brands to dig out!


This week has been a bit of a busy one and it's only now (late on a Saturday afternoon) that I've managed to sit down and put this wee round up together. With an adventure to the New Forest with Jo Malone, our first outing to view wedding venues (which felt very grown up) and hosting an event with Amazon (thank you so much if you came)- it's been pretty non stop but extremely exciting nonetheless! Now, on to the real interesting stuff...

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to...
(L-R: Sade, Pernille, Lauren & Girl Boss)

The Must-Reads:
One blog I've been loving recently (for the photography as much as the beautiful words) is In My Sunday Best by the beautiful Sade. I've read her blog for a long time now, but after falling a little in love with her Insta Stories (which really highlight how much of a shamble mine can be) I've been visiting even more regularly- and definitely recommend you bookmark her too. On top of that, there are also a couple of Vogue reads I've been loving this week including Claire of Violet's favourite recipes (very in tune with the Bake Off being back) and the breathtaking wedding of Pernille Teisbaek which is every bit as stunning as you might imagine and has seriously inspired some planning.

The Blog Post:
Every time I think I couldn't be prouder, or more blown away by my friend Lauren she goes and does it again. This week she published a raw, heartbreaking and beyond inspiring post about her battle and overcoming of chemo during her cancer treatment. It's very rare to read such a candid, unadulterated and absolute document of anyone's cancer journey and following Lauren along with hers has been the taboo-breaker and total light that has the power to do so much good in times of so much difficulty. She's an absolute trooper, and someone I have endless respect and admiration for- and highly recommend checking out her site and Instagram too.

The Podcast:
If you missed yesterday's post I've popped together a pretty substantial list of some of my ultimate Desert Island Disc favourites (late to the party? Me? Never)! I also spotted this piece over on Girl Boss about podcasts designed to help you relax, incase you struggle to switch off like me too.

The Video:
In terms of shiny newness on YouTube I got a couple of golden goodies to spoil you with! Firstly my gorgeous pal Lindsey has just joined with some wickedly brilliant weekly vlogs- as well as fellow Mancunian babe Alice who is diving straight in with fashion vids (which are just as beautiful as her blog content too). I also loved watching Anna's video on one year as The Anna Edit and Estée's important and refreshing video on Brexit.

Objects of desire:


Like a lot of things, I was a bit late to the podcast party- and even more so the Desert Island Discs club. Saying you like Desert Island Discs is probably as surprising as saying The Beatles are your favourite band- but having recently started tackling the infamous podcast thought I'd write a little post with a few of my favourite places to start- in case you fancied a belated listen too. I mean- don't get me wrong there are over 3000 episodes of DID!! 3000!! That's more than Game of Thrones (and we all know how behind I am on that)! Obviously this is hugely the tip of a very big and wonderful iceberg (Kirsty Young's velvety voice is my favourite soundtrack to any commute)- but here's what I've been loving (and starting off with so far)- and some of my favourite inspiring finds...

Tom Hanks:
I mean, Tom Hanks could be reading the alphabet and it was still sound interesting- but listening to an insightful hour about his upbringing, take on American politics and optimistic view on life and work ('never give up the pursuit of the spark that has always fascinated you') and his 'do less but don't retire' mantra- I feel like I definitely took away more than a handful of song recommendations from him.

Jo Malone:
The suggestion of Jo Malone actually came from my dad, who said listening to this by the pool on holiday brought him to tears, which was more than enough to entice me in to learning a little more about one of my favourite business women and fragrance mavens. Learning about how she initially began her business- to leaving it as a fully fledged business empire was completely awe inspiring- as well as hearing about her and her husbands heartbreaking battles with illness and overcoming them- all to a completely wonderful soundtrack which reminded me all too much of something I might have on a Spotify playlist myself.

Stella McCartney:
'Her dads a bloody Beatle!' My friend Charlotte said as I recommended this - 'of course it's going to be good!!' Of course she was right, and hence why so far it's undoubtedly one of my favourite episodes I've heard. Admittedly, it was the first I'd ever listened to- but alongside her fond and heartwarming stories of her parents Linda and Paul and her wisdom and knowledge of running a successful conscious business- it was a wonderfully inspiring listen (including one of my favourite Beatles songs too- which can only ever be a good thing).

Mary Berry:
To me, Desert Island Discs is about as much of a traditional British delicacy as a jam filled Victoria sponge; so listening to Mary Berry's emotional and nostalgic episode was truly something. Talking candidly about the loss of her son and her childhood growing up- it was a truly heartfelt episodes with a soundtrack that truly takes you back to another time. Mary is an absolute national treasure, so being able to learn little more about such an incredible personality was truly fascinating.

Caitlin Moran:
Listening to Caitlin Moran is like listening to a frantic whirlwind of ideas, optimism and excitement- all muddled together with excellent song choices and accidentally profound quotes that I'm sure she didn't even realise the value of. With a fantastic song selection combined from the eighties to her time at Melody Maker, Moran speaks of her belief in 'giddy deluded intoxicated optimism because that is the fuel that will keep you going long after angel and rightouesness or fear have burned out' and the idea of simply 'cramming in as much joy as possible'- a listen that will inspire you and make you feel like anything is possible.

Sue Perkins:
Sue Perkins feels a little bit like sunshine personified. She's funny in a subtle way- throwing in casual dad-joke style puns effortlessly and speaks of 'humour connecting you to your childish self and not being snobbish about where is comes from'. Her outlook of everything in life from the difficult challenges, friendship (she talks beautifully about her friendship with Mel and how when together, they're like 'two twins in a cot marvelling at each other)' and work are wholly admirable- as well as her taste in music- which includes everything from dance to The Smithes are warrants more than a bit of a hip shake.

Noel Gallagher:
How could I not include Noel here? Obviously he oozes one of the coolest internal libraries of music, so hearing his picks from Bowie to pink Floyd to The Beatles made for a pretty perfect playlist. Plus, hearing him discuss his wedding and first dance was pretty amusing (/emotional) and his dry humour made for the perfect partner to some bloody brilliant tunes.

What are your favourite Desert Island Discs episodes?


(Top: C/O Joanie, Shorts: M.i.H, Bag: Tidy Street Store (similar herehttp://bit.ly/2tngOYm), Shoes: Birkenstocks, Sunglasses: Monki)

It's almost an unspoken rite of passage that any self respecting Brit would try and avoid a visit to the seaside on the August bank holiday. No matter how much dust your buckets and spades have collected over the summer- or even how much you crave some tangy vinegar soaked chip shop chips- you just know that about ninety percent of the population all share this thought pattern, and you simply avoid it. Right?

Wrong. Although the thought of sitting in queues of traffic around the M25 didn't quite marry with my idea of Mr Whippy and sand beneath my toes, it wasn't quite enough to stop me talking out my family of a trip to the coast, and instead I went in hard with the 'GET LIV TO THE SEA' campaign, and there we were at 10am on the hottest bank holiday on record, sat nav in tow- Whitstable bound.

Having visited the town previously (most recently the day before we visited a newborn Maggie for the first time), it was exciting to take Mags to the sea for her first ever coastal adventure, and although two and a half hours of traffic and deflating tyres do not a happy-dad-driver make (he was exceptionally patient despite endless queues)- it was more than worth it after seeing her take to doggie paddle like a fish to water (with me squealing from the sidelines like a pushy soccer mom).

After inhaling a belated breakfast of eggs, bacon and sugary tea- we strolled the high street, pattered along the pebbles and paid an obligatory visit to the ice cream van before loading back up the car and finishing the bank holiday like any sensible Brit on the 29th August- in the back garden on a sun lounger and far from the madding crowd. Well... until next year anyway!




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