(Jacket: Jigsaw, Top: Brandy & Melville, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Superga, Bag: Radley)

Before this year, it had been years since I’d visited the beautiful Cornish town of St. Ives. I’d only visited once before when I was about 10 on a family holiday, and although I have fond memories of the sun shining, a favourite GAP hoodie and lunch at the Seafood Cafe (which we actually revisited this time around too)- it was all but tarnished by a seagull incident and an instant need to wash my hair. Ten year old drama-pre-teen-Liv was not amused (but totally rode on the fact it’s meant to be good luck, so I’ll go with that).

Anyway- seagull toilet trips to one side, this year Joe and I booked a little summer trip back to the Cornish coastline- starting in St. Ives and ending the week just across in Penzance. As timing would have it, it fell two days after we’d moved into our new house- but actually meant we got to spend a week not worrying about lack of broadband/furniture, and could actually just soak up the coast, eat endless fried fish and satisfy long-overdue cravings for blue-tounge inducing slush puppies (I promise I have grown up since I last came)!

After arriving late on the Monday afternoon, following one of the longest and most beautiful train journeys I’ve been on, we pulled into the station, dropped our bags off at our cottage (more on this soon) and set out making the most of the British sunshine. With an early fish supper and delicious drippy malted Cornish ice cream- who said you needed a passport for a gorgeous holiday? More soon!

She’s got a ticket to Rye...

Okay, I know- Rye isn't technically the seaside (it stands about two miles from the open sea and is at the confluence of three rivers- according to my dear friend Wikipedia). Although it has a harbour- it’s not directly moments away from sandy shores and prickly pebbles, but being a stones throw from Camber Sands, and boasting the charm of an idyllic coastal town I thought it totally appropriate to include the East Sussex spot in my seaside series (my rules, right)? The journey took us a little over an hour and a half, so makes for the perfect sunny day trip too! Buckle up and take note because I promise you’ll want to visit...

Eating: The Fig

The Fig was top of our list for lunch spots, and I'm so glad we had it noted. With a menu bursting with options including salads, brunch favourites and doorstop sandwiches- I could have gladly gone for a few options had Joe been more willing to share (thanks for that one pal). Opting for the avocado, eggs, salmon, dill and capers- we left suitably full and totally impressed with the imaginative and delicious menu.

The Fig, 2 High St, Rye TN31 7JE, United Kingdom

The George in Rye:

Okay, so we didn't actually eat in here, but judging by the recommendations for The George, it's definitely one for any little black books out there. If you're extending your stay for longer than an evening, or just want to sit down somewhere a little fancy for a lunch or evening meal this is the spot. The boutique inspired rooms are absolutely delectable, and in a prime high street location makes for the perfect base for any afternoon adventures.

98 High St, Rye TN31 7JT, UK

Shopping: The Shop Next Door

Our first stop, cosied up next to The George was The Shop Next Door. Filled with endless shelves of homewares; including everything from crockery, textiles and candles- it was the ultimate hub of interior inspiration and the perfect place to gather some ideas for the home inspired by the gorgeous hotel next door (down to the patterns and fabrics). I may or may not have left with something too...

High St, Rye TN31 7JT, UK

Ashbee & Co:

Ashbee & Co was by far one of my favourite pit stops on our trip, and founded by design duo Solène Boyer and Nicholas Sinclair last year- it's a beautiful addition to the high street. Stocking everything from soft furnishings, tableware and accessories sourced from around the world- the shop has a real air of quiet confidence meaning you can rest assured knowing you've found a seriously sought after gem. With brands including much loved Rifle Paper Co as well as other undiscovered (to me, anyway) gems from across the globe- I could have whiled away some serious hours in here.

100 High St, Rye TN31 7JN, UK

Antique Shopping:

One thing Rye is exceptionally stand out at is its knack for antiques. With endless stores tucked away in winding alleys or nestled amongst the quay- the selection is impressive, varied and makes for the ultimate snooping session. Whether you're partial to mid century, vintage or particular period pieces there's a whole selection to peruse and arguably one of the things that makes this little market town so special.

Of all of the antique shops we popped into though, my favourite had to be Crock and Cosy- a crockery and kitchenware shop filled solely with antique and sorbet shaded second hand pieces. Whether you have a sole penchant for nostalgic kitchenaila (all sourced from the Victorian eras up to the 1960s) or simply after a pretty pink dinner set (and let's face it, who isn't?) I definitely recommend stopping by.

Strand Quay, Rye TN31 7DB, UK

Seeing: The Parish Church of St Mary

If you want to play ultimate tourist top trumps then paying to admire the 360 views of Rye from the top of this beautiful church is probably the way to go. On a clear day there's something pretty romantic about admiring the sights from the tallest spot in town from the tower, and getting to see where the river meets the sea is pretty lovely too. It's a bit of a climb, but very much worth the couple of pounds for the beautiful architecture and sights. Yes, I am 80.

Lion St, Rye TN31 7LB, UK

And also to note!

A lot of shops are shut on Tuesdays, but when they're open note these down: Four Doors for all the Ladybird books and beautiful gifts, Tiny Book Store, Kino Cinema and Cafe, Pale and Interesting for beautiful lifestyle pieces (and ultimate home design kudos), Mccully and Crane for the gorgeous work of independent artists, Landgate Bistro for British food with a modern slant and Hoof for burgers and all things meat


After moving in to our house last week, speeding three nights living out of boxes we were away for a week in Cornwall- talk about timing! Although initially I was worried it'd end up being a total stress, getting a bit of downtime by the sea, indulging in a little reading and spending hours on trains listening to overdue podcasts was actually very welcome indeed. There's something I unashamedly love about train travel. The romanticism of fleeting countryside views, the sea at eye level and the buzz of anticipation to new destinations. That and the blocks of empty time to fill- and here are a few ways I filled mine for some lazy Sunday reading (or train reading, if you're like me)!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to...
(L-R: Callie, Lucy, Kate & Local Wolves)

The Must-Reads:
One piece I loved this week was initially spotted on Jazmine's Instagram. It was featured in Stylist magazine, and I managed to dig it out online as it was really something that struck a chord with me. It made me think a little bit about how we view the words success and ambition- and how, honestly? I don't think they're directly correlated. It was refreshingly honest and definitely confirmed any suspicions that to be successful, and most importantly, happy- you don't always have to be top of your career ladder and that's ok.

Another piece I loved reading (which I found online but believe was actually printed last month) was in Glamour on 'what I've learnt from failed friendships'. Friendship breakups are one of the toughest things in your twenties (in fact, at any age)- and talking about it candidly is something I really think we could all learn a lot from. Being someone who is admittedly wanting to people please, I find breakdowns of friendships an unbelievably tricky thing to wrap my noggin around. We're able to speak freely about relationship breakups, but when friendships become trying it's a whole different ball game. This was a real eye opener for me, and definitely made me realise it's actually pretty normal- and although it is difficult, we can sometimes take some important lessons from them.

Finally, although totally off topic this piece on Buzzfeed about how the homes from Changing Rooms have aged was possibly one of the funniest pieces of the week- and literally had Joe and I in stitches reading through- have a nosey for some questionable Pinterest interiors inspiration. Ahem.

The Blog Post:
Tying a little in to the previous piece about ambition, Callie's post about being a girl boss was another beautifully put post (ironically from someone who to me, is an ultimate girl boss without even trying). Having had lots of thoughts recently about the pressure of doing it all (which I have a full post about coming soon)- I love (as always) how Callie speaks so openly about these things, especially in industries like blogging where there can be a heightened amount of pressure- you go girl.

Finally, I also loved reading my pal Lucy's final post about our time in Greece. I'm happy to admit I'm not even biased here, but not only were the photos stunning (Frances is a genius), but the words gave me all the warm fuzzies- and I sincerely think celebrating friendships is one of the loveliest things (best read whilst listening to a bitta Miley's Malibu).

The Podcast:
I've said before how much I've loved Anna and Lily's 'At Home With...' podcast series, and absolutely loved their final (sob) episode with Zoe. I've been overly indulging in Zoe's moving videos, so hearing friends have an open chat about interiors, being a young businesswoman and everything in between truly made for some comforting (and bloody good) listening. I definitely also took notes on Zoe's homeware recommendations too!

The Video:
Kate is one of my favourite people online in general (her YouTube, Pinterest, blog, Instagram, home, face, y'know- JUST EVERYTHING), and seeing her elopement to New York last month gave me all the feels. It was really interesting sitting down and hearing her and Jordan talk about the process together in one of her new videos, and felt like it was a refreshing way of approaching the wedding conversation and how at the end of the day it's about the two of you and what makes you happy. Congrats, pal!

The Big-Read:
If that's not enough to get your teeth into (or, like me, you have 5 hours on a train)- I also loved e-flicking through the June issue of Local Wolves. I love how they celebrate interesting new talent, and adore their features, photography and everything in-between. It's a great read, and editor Catherine is amazing to follow on Twitter too.

Objects of desire:

We have a house!

It feels like it's been months since I've sat down an my laptop and just written. No pictures pre-planned and taken, no real idea for a theme- but just sat and typed. When I first started this blog it almost acted like a diary in many ways, and I love looking back to old posts and seeing what I was getting up to, and how I was feeling going through so many big milestones (read: leaving uni, moving away, coming home- you know the drill). Last week I moved out of my family home with Joe and into a home of our very own, and it certainly marked the beginning of a new chapter and felt like a huge leap into adulthood...

The night before I was sitting in my bed- in the bedroom I've been in since the beginning of secondary school- the room that has seen pre-GCSE tears, first boyfriends, desktop MSN conversations and endless best friend sleepovers. Shelves were packed up, boxes were piled around the room (with rouge magazines, letters and make up bits that I still hadn't quite found a home for)- and it all felt very surreal. Moving house is one of the most exciting feelings in the world, but I didn't realise how overwhelming it could be too.

Don't get me wrong, I know how lucky I am to be into a home with the person I love in somewhere that couldn't be more perfect. My god, I feel so ridiculously fortunate, and it's moved so quickly that I haven't really had time to process everything. Water bills. Gas and electricity. Council tax. Is this adulting?

Part of me doesn't quite feel ready to grow up. I'm 24- and I know that is grown up. My mum had me when she was my age, married to my dad and in their own home- this. is. normal.- for goodness sake woman! I know I'm not jumping the gun- but hey, I just love being at home. I love my little family and the silliness we share, I love seeing them every day and they make me happier than anything in the world (alongside Joe). Of course I'm excited to have my own space- I cannot wait. But I suppose it's the unknown, it's the forming of new habits and new routines and traditions. It's just the new.

But yes- it's been seven days since we moved, and although we had a holiday planned for this week and we haven't had much time to settle there- I already love it. It's already felt abuzz with visitors, hundred and thousands gingerbread from the neighbours and first nights on new mattresses. Unpacking will take a bit of time (conveniently we hadn't ordered any shelving or storage before we moved in)- but I'm already looking forward to lazy evenings in the garden, cooking and serving on our very own dinner table, and thinking up ideas on my first ever desk.

Obviously I'll be documenting it all here too- interiors ideas, room makeovers and perhaps even any dribs and drabs of advice on first time buying I've acquired? Is that even interesting? Let me know! SO YES! That's life in a nutshell right now. We don't have internet for another week so hopefully things won't take too much of a backseat (I know I missed a video upload, so I promise that won't happen again)- but I wanted to formally introduce this new chapter (ahem) and hope you'll be up for joining in with the ride? I'll be uploading a vlog next week of the big move, but for now I thought I'd just sit down for a little chat and fill you in with things- because if I can't do that here, where can I? Same time next week?




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