I promise it wasn't just the packaging...

Whilst I was in the U.S last month, I managed to make a couple of cheeky pit-stops in Sephora. I mean, let's face it- it's pretty much a bloggers rite of passage during any visit outside of the U.K. So, armed with a shopping list of items and recommendations collated from Pinterest, YouTube and the wonders of the internet- I set about digging past the bright lights and endless glowing shelves of this haven (with a patient Joe waiting amongst the fragrances).

Although I've done a whole video here on everything I picked up (and nattering a little more about each purchase)- I thought I'd pop a handful into a post to give you a little peek into some of the gems that fell into my basket...

Stop spot!
I’d heard a lot about this little power house of a spot treatment, so after spotting it in Anthropologie (no pun intended), passionately swept it up into my arms like a miniature kind of Ryan Gosling- and have been excitedly waiting my next spot to arrive to zap it ever since (well, kind of). Who said blogging was glamorous?

More than just a pretty face...
I’d be telling a total porkie if I said it wasn’t the packaging that initially had me fall for the beautiful cosmetics at Herbivore. With it’s simple, crisp and Scandi design- you’d be forgiven for thinking these products were just a pretty face. But fear not! after taking both the Moon Fruit night treatment for a spin (which is sumptuously hydrating and smoothing- even with it’s distinct fragrance) and face mist (which is cooling and nourishing for even the most parched of pores)- they’re a couple of total treats (which look just as pretty on the bathroom shelf too).

From beach to bathroom!
Although I’m not normally someone partial to a salt spray (and having baby-fine hair means this barnet gets greasy pretty quickly)- I was a little unsure about giving this a go. But, doubling up as a body mist I was sold (multifunctional usage and pretty typography?! WIN WIN) So far I’ve not had a chance to take it for a whirl, I’ll report back with any updates (but you’ll probably notice me looking like a beachy-mermaid-babe if this spray is a success story in a post soon).

(Pretty backdrop paper, from Junk and Glitter)

Pampered paws...
Okay- it was the packaging. It sold me. The poetic name (which strangely has nothing to do with hands) and botanical blooms had me at hello, and it was only after I was skipping towards the checkout with Shakespeare’s answer to hand cream that I even bothered giving it a sniff (it’s delightful, FYI). Although I’m certainly not someone in need of any more hand creams (that’s what Christmas is for)- I know this would make a perfect gift for someone (again, Christmas).

The handbag essential...
I’ve been a huge lover of Fresh’s facial products and masks for a while, so after spotting their rollerballs in Sephora (and being a girl who’s handbag definitely lacks top-up scents)- thought this would be the prefect addition for my on-the-go beauty stash. On top of that the scent is light and fruity- and I love that I can whip it out for a quick middle of the day pick-me-up.

The cult classic...
Having heard a bunch about this infamous haircare brand, I was pretty excited to spot the shiny silver bottles whilst pursuing Sephora’s shelves. Although I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner before (and loved them)- this hairspray is a new one for me- and after it’s first use, I’m a big fan. It’s a good hold- but brushes out easily and allows for movement too (meaning fringes and curls don’t turn into a helmet-like situ)- but lasts long enough that a top up isn’t a necessity- kudos!

Get the glow...
Hi I’m Liv, and I’m late to every beauty party ever. Having only just clocked on to the Jaclyn Hill/Pat McGrath bandwagon now everything is close to selling out (or, y’know sold out- damn you beautiful sequins)!! I was keen to give one of the infamous champagne highlighters a whirl. Being a bit of a highlighter novice (I usually end up either looking sweaty or streaky), I’m absolutely in love with this duo- and with the pigment packing a punch a little definitely goes a long way.

I also picked up a few more products, which I spoke about in this weeks video- so if you fancy seeing what else I picked up have a nosey over here too!


(Coat: C/O A.P.C via FarFetch, Shirt: C/O Vivetta via FarFetch, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Mulberry, Earrings: Topshop)

After somewhat of a beautiful Indian summer and an extended period for it to be totally socially acceptable to eat ice cream, wear flip flops and not talk about Christmas in September; I think we might now be finally edging in to Autumn- where I can start dusting off my thermals and seriously pondering whether it's really time to pack away my denim shorts and Birkenstocks (you never know, ok)...

Anyway, with October comes three things- pumpkin spiced lattes (if you're that way inclined; I'm more of a hot chocolate girl myself), Halloween (along with attempting the Monster Mash) and coat and jacket shopping- the latter being my favourite, naturally. Although I do tend to generally have a habit to pick up the brightest coat that catches my eye (previous years offerings have included red, pink, pale blue and white)- this season I'm getting a little grown up around here- and we're talking jackets for the long term too.

Okay, so the classic peacoat certainly isn't the new kid on the block, but it's a gap my wardrobe has had for a good while- and I'm pretty sure everyone needs a timeless 'hey-I-go-with-everything!' coat right? Cue FarFetch. It's the kind of item I know I'll have for years, and looks just as wonderful piled on with boyfriend jeans and bretons (a la Chung) as it does with a band tee and button up skirt. So, parading it around with my favourite new shirt, the most well-loved jeans and a festive pop of red- I'm pretty sure I can certainly introduce you to a new solid wardrobe staple (and maybe I'll even welcome the cooler months in so I can wear it too)...

Thank you to FarFetch for working with me on this post!


(Top: Zara (similar here), Belt: Madewell, Jeans: Topshop (old Binx style, but similar here), Bag: Charlotte Elizabeth, Shoes: Chanel)

There's a small window between September and October where I try and style out transitional dressing. After that, and pretty much as soon as the temperature goes below 16 degrees, it's all thermals, bad hair and jumpers until February (see this tweet for full proof as to why this is necessary- apologies in advance in the content quality drop too ; ). But for the next few days that's exactly what I'm doing (nope, not just wearing silk shirts and inappropriately whacking the heating on)- but dipping into some of this seasons trends and mixing them up with summer pieces that might not get a look in once the 180 deniers come back out.

So, in ode to the trends I'll inevitably neglect after checking the Met Office, here is a tiny tribute to Alessandro Michele and all at Gucci who satisfied my inner seventies-loving nerd this season. Although I haven't quite managed the gold aviator frames (there's an eye test coming though, so let's not write it off just yet)- pairing rich florals with faded denim and a Prince-Charming-esque buckle belt was enough to satisfy my inner Trendy Wendy (at least until I become cool enough for the puffa jacket that is)...


Small purchases for a big difference...

Every October when Breast Cancer Awareness month rolls around I'm always so excited to share some of the wonderful special edition products you can pick up in aid of a truly deserving cause- plus, all the better when the pieces are things you usually have in your routine, right? So- with this in mind, I thought I'd share some of the gems my favourite brands are bringing out in order to raise some cash this October, and trust me- there's some good 'uns!

The beauty selection box...

This is one that I'm particularly excited about, the 'Estée Lauder Companies Beauty Box' is a serious treat. Packed with so many of my skin care favourites including Clinique Take The Day Off, Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray and Smashbox's Photo Finish primer (as well as so many more)- it's the perfect opportunity to try things you've heard lots about! Plus, at £20 for some ultimate beauty-bag staples (which are perfect for travel and overnight stays too)- it's the perfect 'to me, love me' pick me up.

Pick me up!

The Hero Collection (with a big saving)...

To help continue to support Breast Cancer Care (Elemis donate £10,000 annually to the charity), this year they've put together a 'Hero Collection' packed with some of their most loved products (all in pink, no less). Including their Pro Collagen Marine Cream and my numero uno scent from them, Frangipani Monoi, in their body oil- it's a serious pamper night package- and with a huge saving, a pretty tempting one too.

Pick me up!

The one you already have (and will always repurchase)...

Okay, so this is one of my favourite masks of all time. If I'm ever feeling a little dehydrated, dry or in need of a bit of TLC then this is the mask I turn to. With it's beautiful creamy consistency, delicate apricot scent and ultimate power at packing some moisture into even the most parched of pores, I guarantee this will be one you fall in love with (plus, this edition is pink and for charity sOoOoOo...)

Pick me up!

(Dress: Urban Outfitters, Bandana: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Next (old but similar here)

Our last day in Orlando was spent exploring Animal Kingdom and ticking off some final boxes at Hollywood Studios. With Joe being far more partial to a roller coaster than I, we made sure to tick off the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, before hanging out with Woody and Buzz at Toy Story's Midway Mania. Hollywood Studios were undoubtedly one of my favourite parts of Disney, and I loved the touches of classic film dotted about too- including the recreation of the Hollywood Chinese Theatre and their very own authentic collection of handprints, which were incredibly impressive (yup, there's Audrey Hepburn there) as well as plenty of Star Wars fixes, too!

That's of course not forgetting our miniature-safari stop off at Animal Kingdom. With the Lion King show on our agenda (which was absolutely incredible- and not just for the fact I got a good ol' sing along)- as well as a couple of critter spottings and a quick hike up (and down) Everest- it felt like the perfect way to wrap up a jam packed tour of these incredible parks (which we definitely couldn't have done without our fantastic guide, Dave)!

The whole time in the U.S (and Kenya, for that matter)- felt like a total whirlwind, so I really hope you've enjoyed the more travel-themed content this month. I know it's been a little different to my normal style- but I hope I've been able to narrate the excitement of the last few weeks well, and thank you for staying tuned and being so lovely! I can't believe I've been able to visit so many beautiful gems across the world, and it's all thanks to you amazing readers, so thank you from the bottom of my suitcase. Here's to being back on familiar grounds for a while...or a couple of weeks at least!




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